I tell people I live vicariously through my paintings.

Much of the creativity in my work is focused on the costumes or the fashion design on my women. As a former fashion illustrator/graphic designer for the Austin American Statesman, the huge move to computer generated images in the late 80’s meant I wouldn’t be drawing or illustrating as much, it left a void, as I needed to be creating. Having always painted throughout my life, I decided to pick up my brushes again, but with more purpose.

I began with local art festivals, picking up commissions, traveling to shows out of state. Before long, my work began to pay off and soon I had a following which grew and spread by word of mouth (women do talk). The Women and Wine series has grown beyond my imagination, there are 40+ images in the series. 

Dramatic or provoking imagery based on fashion, anatomy or emotion is what moves me to create...




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